1. Film must be planned and edited by a 7 to 12th grader
2. Film theme must be “It’s My Park,” showing why Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
is important to the student.
3. Film must be three minutes or less in length
4. Film must be submitted by 12:00 midnight September 1, 2010.
5. All images and sound must be legal for use.
6. Films will be considered the property of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park; film makers will receive all credit for creation.
7. Format of film must be .mov, MP4 or other universal format.
8. Film may submitted on a DVD or downloaded to the DM∙X Hard Drive.

Call Laura Williams at 808-985-6304 with your questions.



Judges are from the Volcano Hawaii Film community and employees and volunteers at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Film judging:
1. Story progression (a beginning, middle and end),
2. Smooth transitions.
3. Images that fit and support the story,
4. Music that fits the mood and tone of the story.
5. Editing and titles.
6. Fits the theme: It’s My Park.